In 2016, I Shawntanette Regina Morgan embarked on a journey of self-discovery following the loss of my great-grandmother, home, job, car, and relationship. One fateful night, she found herself at The Comedy Store in Hollywood, where a chance encounter with stand-up comedian David Spade propelled her into the world of comedy. Just hours later, she graced the stage of the club's famous Belly Room, marking the beginning of her stand-up comedy career. Three years down the road, she co-owned the Open Mic Spot in Inglewood, California, with a mission to assist aspiring comics—until the club's closure due to the pandemic. Undeterred, Shawntanette has since excelled in producing, starring, and performing in numerous comedy shows, TV pilots, streaming networks, and more, including Amazon Prime's Self-Made Comedy Series Episode 1, "Baby Fever," named after one of her earliest sets. With a refreshing perspective on topics like parenting, politics, and relationships, Shawntanette Regina Morgan remains an uplifting force on the comedic scene, ever attuned to global issues and on a continuous ascent.

For Shawntanette, networking became a crucial aspect of the journey as she attended industry events, workshops, and casting calls; connecting with fellow actors, directors, and casting agents. Her charismatic personality and dedication to her craft will soon catch the attention of key players in the industry, opening doors to auditions and opportunities that will shape her career.





Shawntanette Morgan

Stand-up Comedian/ Event Host
Phone:  (424)380-8253